"Through my travels, I’ve explored the richness of different lands and lifestyles."

My work as a yoga practitioner bestows me with discoveries about the human body and spirit. These experiences have influenced the way I understand myself and the world as well as the way I express myself creatively.

An essential yoga practice for living well.

Yoga Essentiel was founded in 2016 by Josephine Vittoria, and is located in the N.D.G borough of Montreal. Josephine offers multi-level classes of alignment based yoga inspired by the Iyengar method. These classes are open to students of all ages and levels of physical ability. ​Josephine also teaches classes held in different areas of Montreal. See below to discover classes nearest you.

Elegance is refusal.


Coco Chanel

The creation of Oyeloria jewelry is a mindful process of carefully selecting gemstones, historical findings, and quality materials, piecing them together with an attention to detail and a sense of wonder. Oyeloria’s mission is to inspire others to embrace the beauty around them and express the beauty within them.

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